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find freedom with cars on
campus by the hour of day.

(gas and insurance included!)

Join Zipcar and save $10 off membership, thanks to Ford.
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Loyola Marymount

What is Zipcar?

Glad you asked. It's a smarter way to get around the campus.

  • Drive cars by the hour or day. Gas & insurance included.
  • In neighborhoods, cities and airports across the globe.
  • Save hundreds over car ownership.
  • Choose from sedans, hybrids, vans and more.
  • Membership starts as low as $7/month.

how it works

1. join

Apply now! Once approved, you’ll get your Zipcard. This magical, little card unlocks thousands of cars, trucks and vans across the globe.

2. reserve

Book a Zipcar for a couple hours or the whole day. Do it online or on your phone via our mobile app. We’re easy.

3. tap

Walk to the car and hold your Zipcard to the windshield. Ta da. The doors will unlock and it’s all yours.

4. drive!

Go! When your time is almost up, return the car to the same reserved parking spot. Then you are all done!

how it works video

find Zipcars nearby

Find us located right on and near campus, cities and airports across the globe.

What It Costs

Students join for $15 (save $10 thanks to Ford)

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I'd like to open a new account for my department.

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I'm LMU faculty or staff and want to use Zipcar for personal driving. 

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I'd like to join my department's existing Zipcar account.

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I'm not affiliated with LMU, but still want to use Zipcar.

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All students 18+ are welcomed, including drivers with international licenses.

what's included


Travel far and wide,
for road trips, away games,
visits home, and more.


Fill up using the
gas card that's inside the car.
We'll get the bill.


If you're a Zipcar member,
you're covered. (So you can drive safe
and rest easy.)


where can i go

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