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zipcars nearby

(hint: they're right around campus)

what's it cost

Students join for $15 (save $10 thanks to Ford)

join now

UW faculty and staff join for only $35/year and get discounted Mon-Fri driving rates.

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what's included

You get daily miles
with each reservation.
Road Trip?

Free gas.
Yep, free.

Insurance included.
We've got you covered.


how it works

1. join

Apply now! Once approved, you’ll get your Zipcard. This magical, little card unlocks thousands of cars, trucks and vans across the globe.

2. reserve

Book a Zipcar for a couple hours or the whole day. Do it online or on your phone via our mobile app. We’re easy.

3. tap

Walk to the car and hold your Zipcard to the windshield. Ta da. The doors will unlock and it’s all yours.

4. drive!

Go! When your time is almost up, return the car to the same reserved parking spot. Then you are all done!

how it works video

where can i go

There's a lot to do around University of Washington. Here are just a few ideas.

  • Pike Place Market

    Markets are my jam and a must for me whenever I travel. I was so excited to finally make it to Pike Place Market. There are SO. MANY. PEOPLE. HERE. It was...more
  • Two Big Blondes

    This place is amazing!! Friendly, clean, tons of great styles.... But did find ALOT of 14's so if that's you get a big cart and fill it up! Staff very...more
  • Revival Shop Seattle

    I'm so glad I discovered Revival while planning a shopping day with a friend. It's small, but there were more than enough items to get us both in trouble....more
  • Melrose Market

    Not as large as I expected, but still a charming neighborhood market in Capital Hill worth making a visit to. Melrose houses about a handful of small...more
  • Archie McPhee

    I will always love this place. My latest purchase:zombie eye mask-makes sleeping in more fun than it already is.more

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  • Yoga On Beacon

    I recently started taking classes at Yoga on Beacon after a several year break. During that time I bounced around between different studios and various gyms...more
  • Transform 180 Training

    I started training with Charith/Colin after I found a Groupon deal, thinking lets see what personal training is like. I was under the assumption that I was...more
  • Pure Barre

    Amy was an amazing instructor! She was extremely helpful and pleasant. She continuously walked around the room correcting your form to insure you were doing...more
  • Bhy Kracke Park

    Cute little park in QA. Top has a great city view which includes the space needle. Take a path, any path and you'll end up traversing though layers of the...more
  • UW Waterfront Activities Center

    I heard about this place from my hair dresser and I thought we should check it out while my mom was in town. I think this will move to the top of the list...more

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  • BlueStone

    Accidental and happy find. Was heading to Glo's for lunch recently but the line was incredibly long. Suddenly I'm here and have been back twice. Calamari...more
  • The Butcher & The Baker

    Stopped here for brunch and was not disappointed. I ordered the corned beef hash and it came with a SLAB of corned beef on top of a bead of delicious,...more
  • Blind Pig Bistro

    Loved this place! Went here for "date night" and it was perfect for that! The restaurant is fairly small and dark so it feels intimate. There was a...more
  • Bongos

    "The bongo (Tragelaphus eurycerus) is a herbivorous, mostly nocturnal forest ungulate. It is among the largest of the African forest antelope species."...more
  • Pike Place Chowder

    SO yummy! My sister recommended this place to me and I'm so glad she did! I checked the yelp reviews before I went and it seemed great! ...it was!!! :-)...more

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