Road trip
Road trips

Who's your best - and worst - road trip buddy?


The secret to a great road trip? The best road trip buddy! Nearly three quarters of Brits haven’t taken a holiday this year, but with travel restrictions loosened to allow us to stay away from home many of us are looking for new places to escape to.  

But who should you take on your trip? We asked who the best - and worst - road trip companion would be. You may be surprised (or not!) at the results...! 


Who you voted for

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The Best


1. Bradley Walsh
2. Ant & Dec (because you can’t have one without the other!)
3. Holly Willoughby (or can you?)

Other top picks for BEST road trip companion include; Michelle Obama, Louis Theroux and James Corden.

The Worst


1.    Dominic Cummings
2.    Piers Morgan
3.    Russell Brand

Other top picks for WORST road trip companion include Jeremy Clarkson, Kanye West and Katie Hopkins.

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The great outdoors beckons

With travellers destined to stay in the UK this summer here's a couple of suggestions to get you inspired.

view of the beach


There's nothing like going to the beach, but when it's packed with hundreds of other people it becomes more territorial than enjoyable. We have collated a list of unsual beach near London that will give you a beach fix without the crowds. Click here for more infomation.

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