Nissan Leaf

Meet the Nissan Leaf

Book and drive the Nissan Leaf by the minute or hour. This easy-to-drive electric car is one of the latest vehicles to join the Zipcar fleet, with prices starting from £0.31/minute and £14/hour. Only available in Flex.
Nissan Leaf

Helpful Tips for the Nissan Leaf

Where is the handbrake in the Nissan Leaf?


The Nissan Leaf has a foot-operated handbrake. You’ll find it to the left of the footbrake where a clutch would normally be. Use it the same as you would a normal handbrake, ensure you have your foot on the footbrake when releasing it, and secure it before you park (picture below). 

Nissan Leaf handbrake


The Nissan Leaf 2022 uses an electronic parking brake (EPB) system instead of a traditional handbrake. Here are the steps to use the EPB:

  1. To engage the EPB, press the switch with the "P" (park) symbol on it. The EPB will engage, and the "P" symbol will light up on the dashboard.
  2. To release the EPB, press the brake pedal with your foot and then press the switch with the "P" symbol again. The EPB will release, and the symbol will turn off.



How do I start the car?

  1. With your foot pressed on the footbrake, press the vehicle power button
  2. The vehicle dashboard lights will turn on showing the car is ready to drive

How do I drive the car?

Driving the Nissan Leaf is very simple and can be done by following a few steps:

  1. Still holding the footbrake, select the desired gear (drive or reverse) with the vehicle joystick
  2. With the gear selected and footbrake pressed, also press the handbrake pedal on the left of the footbrake (where a clutch would be)
  3. Slowly lift your foot off the handbrake pedal
  4. Lift your foot off the footbrake when ready to move

How do I park the car?

Once the car is safely in a parking spot follow these steps to end your trip:

  1. Hold the footbrake and press the ‘P’ button on the gearstick
  2. Apply the handbrake by pressing the handbrake pedal on the left of the footbrake
  3. Once the handbrake is applied you can release both pedals, and press the power button of the car

How do I put the car into reverse?

  1. Before shifting into reverse, make sure the car is in park mode. To do this, press the "P" button on the gear selector.
  2. While keeping your foot on the brake pedal, press the power button to turn on the car.
  3. Move the gear selector towards the "R" (reverse) position. The car will start moving backwards.
  4. The Nissan Leaf comes with a backup camera, which provides a clear view of what is behind you. Use the camera to help you navigate in reverse.
  5. Always drive carefully when in reverse, and use the car's sensors and backup camera to avoid collisions with other objects or vehicles.

How do I use the headlights and turn signals?

  1. The Nissan Leaf's headlights can be turned on and off using the headlight switch on the left side of the dashboard. Rotate the switch to the right to turn on the headlights, and to the left to turn them off. The switch has several positions that can be used to adjust the brightness and direction of the headlights.
  2. To activate the high beams, push the headlight switch forward. A blue indicator light on the dashboard will light up to indicate that the high beams are on. Push the switch forward again to turn the high beams off.
  3. To activate the turn signals, use the turn signal stalk on the left side of the steering column. Push the stalk up to signal a right turn, and down to signal a left turn. The turn signals will automatically turn off after completing the turn, or you can manually turn them off by returning the stalk to its original position.

How do I adjust the wing mirrors?

  1. The mirror adjustment switch is located on the driver's side door panel, near the window controls.
  2. The switch has two buttons, one for the left mirror and one for the right mirror. Press the button for the mirror you want to adjust.
  3. Once you have selected the mirror, use the switch to adjust the mirror to the desired position. Move the switch up, down, left, or right to adjust the mirror accordingly.
  4. Once you have adjusted the mirror to your liking, you can save the position by pressing the "SET" button on the switch. This will store the mirror position in memory, so that it will return to the same position the next time you enter the car.

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How to put the car in drive


How to put the car in drive