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Car Hire at Euston Station

Zipcar provides a convenient car hire service in the Euston Station area, ideal for locals and visitors. With thousands of cars and vans available to rent by the minute, hour or day, Zipcar is a flexible choice for your journey.

Quick Car Hire at Euston Station

With our user-friendly mobile app, you can book, unlock, and drive whenever you want one of your chosen vehicles. All within a few taps! With 24/7 access to our fleet, you can book a car whenever needed: book Roundtrip Cars and Vans up to a year in advance, perfect for longer trips, or just reserve a one-way Flex Car when you’re ready to go. Zipcar is your solution to simplicity and flexibility.


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Explore Euston

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Explore Euston

Located in the heart of central London, Euston is a compelling choice for savvy explorers. Dominated by the iconic Euston Station, the oldest intercity station in London, it is home to independent shops and beautiful cafes. Close by is the British Museum, which is one of the most visited museums in the UK and is free to visit! Here, you can explore over two million years of history, culture and art. Free on a Thursday? Head to the Bloomsbury Farmers Market happening between 9 am and 2 pm where you can enjoy tasty and affordable food. Get exploring with Zipcar where you can book last-minute cars and vans, all you need is a debit/credit card and a valid driver’s licence.

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Rent a Zipcar at Euston

Rent Car in Euston Zipcar App Hire Car

Rent a Zipcar at Euston

The best way to find cars and vans near you is in our easy-to-use app, simply login or create an account and book cars near Euston Station. Zipcar gives you access to 3,000+ readily available cars throughout London which means you can search and book a Roundtrip or Flex at your nearest location.

How Zipcar works

Join online. Once you’re a member you’ll have access to book Roundtrip cars and vans, and our one-way service. Just download the app, reserve, and drive.

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Join Zipcar

Apply online, all you need is your driving license and payment card. Once you’re approved, you’re good to go.

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Search and book

Use the app to find vehicles near you. Use Roundtrip to hire by the hour or day. Use Zipcar Flex for short one-way trips across town.

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End your trip

When you’re done, return your Roundtrip vehicle to the same bay you got it from. For Flex, make sure you end your trip in an approved location.