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Account Administrator Handbook

Account Administrator Handbook 


As a Zipcar for Business account administrator you have complete control over your Zipcar for Business account.  This means you: 
•    Are able to add and remove employees driving on the account
•    Can view usage and having full information on employee trips
•    Can change the account options to suit your needs.

Here’s how you can take all these steps and make the most of your account. 


Managing the drivers on your account

As the account admin, you may want to add (or remove) your team members as drivers on your account. Here’s how. 



Adding a driver

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Adding a driver

You can add as many drivers to your account as you need, at only £12/driver). It’s easy to do, here’s how:
•    Log in to your Zipcar account on desktop
•    Head to    ‘my stuff’ > ‘my account’ > ‘invite employees’ 
•    In the invite employees section, just add the e-mail address of the member of staff
•    They’ll then be sent an e-mail with a link to join the account

They then accept & join


They then accept & join

•    They'll receive the email, then just need to click the link to complete a Zipcar application through our registration pages.  
•    Here they just input some details, and upload a picture of the front and back of their license, and a selfie of them holding their drivers licence. 
•    The admin will then receive an e-mail to confirm the new driver onto the account. 
•    The admin should click on the email to approve them, and once this is done our license team will conduct the relevant checks and send them a welcome e-mail.
•    If they already have a Zipcar membership we’ll need to add them on manually. It’s really quick – the driver needs to just contact us on [email protected] or via 0203 004 7816.

Removing a driver 

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Removing a driver 

If one of your team has left the business or you want to limit their access removing them from the account only takes a few seconds. 
•    Head to ‘my stuff’ > ‘my account’ > ‘about me’ 
•    Select the option to ‘manage drivers on my account’ 
•    Here you can select the option to revoke membership.

Billing and invoices

My statement 


My statement 

This holds all the information you need to manage your account effectively. Here you can:
•    look at the present statement of usage
•    go back in time to view usage over prior months
•    you can even filter down the statement to individual drivers
•    the statement view will also show if you have any additional usage i.e. extended reservations. Please note, these come through as a separate transactions.
•    If you click on the reservation and select ‘reservation total cost’ you will be able to see a breakdown of all the transactions which took place against that trip.

VAT invoices


VAT invoices

VAT invoices are generated the day after your monthly billing period ends. We'll send you, as admin, an e-mail to alert you that the VAT invoice is ready. You can download it as a PDF easily by:
•    Heading to the ‘my statement’ view, and click the button at the top right called ‘VAT invoice’ 
•    Once it has loaded you can select to print the invoice and save it as a PDF.

Please note, your billing period starts of the day of the month. For example, if you joined on 10th March, your billing period for the first month will be 10th March - 9th April, then second month 10th April - 9th May, and so on.

Charges on the account 


Charges on the account 

If a driver incurs a late return fee or has parked in an incorrect bay you may see a charge for a Parking or Traffic violation associated with a reservation. This will be issued by a local authority or parking service. Please note: every time we are alerted to a violation, we contact the driver responsible. If you require more information on violations, we encourage you to speak to the driver directly or contact [email protected]
If you notice that your usage follows a certain pattern or need to talk to us about a permanent vehicle we can discuss a dedicated solution, just call us on 0203 004 7816 or drop us an e-mail at [email protected]

Reservations and alerts

As an account holder we can turn on or off features to help you manage the account, these are listed below:



(Free) optional add-ons

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(Free) optional add-ons

•    Reservation alerts: These alert you each time a driver has made or changed a reservation on the system.
•    Assisted booking: This allows you to centrally manage bookings on the account and gives you the ability to book on behalf of employees and drivers.
•    Switch N Swipe: Allows any employee to access a vehicle via their Zipcard if it’s booked under another named driver on the account.
•    Reservation Memos: We can allow drivers to leave up to 2 memos on a reservation. The display text can also be amended. For example, we can create a field ‘Cost Code’ or ‘Reason for Trip’ which is mandatory for the employee to enter details into.
To add or remove these options from the account just give us a call on 0203 004 7816 or drop an e-mail to [email protected]

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