zipcar business
zipcar business

Real Life Businesses


From florists to filmmakers, any type of business can benefit from Zipcar for Business. Find out how Zipcar has helped these businesses grow.

zipcar on a camera shoot

Partner power: The smarter way to boost business growth

Shooting People is a network of independent filmmakers, founded on the knowledge that the best way to make films is by learning from others, and partners can help them get made. 

Masseuse using Zipcar to get around

Practitioner experience is key for Urban

Community experience is something Urban, wellness company, aren’t just talking about – they’re living. Find out how it’s working, and why it’s so important to their success.

patch plants

Patch plants: how to grow a British start up 

Co-founder of successful London-based start-up, Patch, Freddie Blackett, explains how investors helped him access the skills he needed to grow his business.

deliveroo rider in east london

How flexible transport keeps Deliveroo’s events on track

Find out how we work with Deliveroo’s events team to bring their riders together.