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London’s first shared electric van business scheme launches in Brixton


Brixton’s small business community is invited to enjoy the free use of a shared electric van as part of partnership initiative that aims to tackle the area’s high pollution levels

Participating small businesses in Brixton, including street and market traders based locally, get the chance to utilise London’s first ever electric van sharing service, which will be available free of charge for eligible businesses from Monday 2nd December 2019.

Cross River Partnership’s award winning Clean Air Villages programme aims to encourage small businesses based locally in Brixton to start sharing a greener and cleaner electric van with other local businesses, all completely free of charge. Here are just some of the reasons why this is good for the area:

- Encourages businesses based locally to scrap their highly polluting vans

- Reduces number of vans on the roads generally, helping to tackle the area’s high congestion and pollution levels

- Reduces parking demand in the area

- Ensures local businesses can continue to operate in the current and expanded Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ)



EV shared van scheme

Zipcar GM, James Taylor, and members of Lambeth council standing next to the electric Zipcar van

EV shared van scheme

The EV shared van scheme is believed to be the first of its kind in the UK, and is the result of a joint collaboration between Lambeth Council, Brixton BID, Zipcar for Business and Cross River Partnership’s Clean Air Villages Programme. The project is funded by Lambeth Council and the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

The EV van is located near Brixton’s Electric Avenue, a nod to both the street’s many market traders and its electric heritage, having been the first market street in London to be lit by electric lights back in the 1880s. However, evolutions in transport and technology have also brought major environmental challenges to the area, and nearby Brixton Road is now considered to be one of London’s most polluted streets.

How it works

Zipcar electrc van parked up and charging

How it works

The 100% electric Renault EV Kangoo Maxi ZE van will be stationed on Pulross Road in Brixton.

Once signed up and approved for the scheme, businesses can book the van using the Zipcar app, and access and drive it free of charge for short business trips in and around Lambeth.

Participating businesses will be responsible for charging the vehicle when needed at the charging point installed on Pulross Road, where it will be stationed.




Flora Gordon, Operations Manager at Urban Growth:

“We are excited about this Cross River Partnership scheme as it fits in with our ethos as an organisation. In our mission to improve the wellbeing of Londoners by greening the city, we are always looking for more sustainable ways of working. The use of a shared electric vehicle that helps to lower air pollution is definitely part of that vision!”

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