This is the perfect spot for coffee and handle business
This is the perfect spot for coffee and handle business

5 Sustainable Tips To Make Your Business Greener


Many of us are adopting more sustainable lifestyle changes to reduce our impact on the planet and protect the environment. But sustainable ways of working in business are equally important in the fight against climate change. If you want to know how to make your business greener, these sustainable business ideas are quick, easy and affordable to make, but they go a long way to helping the planet!


Go Paperless

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Go Paperless

Going paperless is great for the environment, as it reduces the demand for paper and the logging it entails, not to mention the energy and water used in processing. In 2015, producing one ton of paper consumed some 2,908 kilowatt hours of energy. Aside from being a sustainable business move, going paperless has a multitude of additional benefits for businesses:

  • Space saving as there’s no need for filing cabinets
  • Time saving as it’s easier to locate and organise digital files
  • Money saving with no printing or stationery expenses.

Digital file storage systems like the cloud make adapting to paperless ways of working easy. Why not give paperless working a try?

Use eco-friendly products

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Use eco-friendly products

From cleaning products to stationery and teabags to toilet paper, buying greener products for use in the office is an easy way to make your business more sustainable. There are plenty of eco-friendly brands available in the supermarket, or you could go a step further and shop for your office supplies at any of London’s zero-waste stores.

Source supplies locally and sustainably

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Source supplies locally and sustainably

As a small business, you’re no doubt already aware of the many benefits of shopping local. Money spent locally helps to boost the local economy and benefit the community. But sourcing your business supplies locally is also a positive move for the environment. Buying local reduces carbon emissions as products haven’t been transported long distances before they get to you. Sourcing goods sustainably wherever possible also means a more transparent supply chain, fresher and better-quality items, and a greener business.

Switch to a green energy provider

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Switch to a green energy provider

No matter the size of your office, the energy you use makes a difference. There are plenty of sustainable energy providers you can switch to which use 100% renewable energy - Bulb, Ovo, Ecotricity and Octopus to name but a few. With a renewable energy provider, you can rest assured that every kettle you boil, every email you send and every time the thermostat kicks into action, you’re running on clean, green energy instead of fossil fuels.

Use Zipcar For Business

zipcar for business

Use Zipcar For Business

Transportation is essential for many small businesses. If you’re looking for a greener, more affordable alternative to buying a fleet of vehicles outright, why not try Zipcar for Business?

With access to over 3,000 vehicles near where you live or work, it’s a more flexible alternative to traditional business car hire or fleet rental, and a more sustainable alternative to buying a vehicle outright. Find out more about Zipcar for Business on our website and sign up today.

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