2 cars driving in the snow
2 cars driving in the snow

Safety Tips for Driving in the Snow


Driving in the snow can be dangerous, and is considered more difficult than driving in other weather conditions. Pretty as it is, ice, frost, and slushy puddles can be hazardous to drivers and cause problems on the roads. Here are our tips for driving in the snow and staying behind the wheel.


Before you start your journey

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Before you start your journey

Before you set off in the snow, it's important to plan your journey properly. Try to familarise yourself with the route ahead, even looking for alternative paths in case your way is blocked. It's also important to check the weather forecast before you start your journey. If there are severe weather warnings or an upcoming snowstorm ahead, you might want to reschedule your trip. 

If your journey is clear, remember to check your vehicle before setting off. Make sure that your windscreen, and roof, are clear of snow/ice, check your wipers are working, and check your tyres are in good condition. These pre-checks should ensure a safe journey.

Be prepared

prepared snow

Be prepared

It's always important to be prepared for any possibility when driving, and even more so when driving in the snow. It's a good idea to pack some de-icer and a window cleaner, as well as some gloves, in case you need to clear fallen snow from your vehicle. 

When driving in cold weather, it's also important to bring a blanket and a torch in case of a breakdown. 


Watch your speed

snow speed

Watch your speed

Perhaps the most important tip for driving in the snow is to take it slow. You should always follow the speed limit when driving, but remember that the limit is a maximum, not minimum! When it comes to driving in the snow, you should always take it slow and be aware that ice, frost and slush puddles are often hard to see, but could make you lose control of the vehicle. 

If you're driving nice and steady, you will be able to see dangers more easily, and have better control over the vehicle if you should skid.

Only drive if essential

essential snow

Only drive if essential

Driving in the snow can be dangerous, and if you can avoid heading out in poor conditions then this is advisable. Think about whether you need to take your journey, or if it's possible to postpone to when the conditions have improved.

As always, don't drive if you feel uncomfortable. Be safe out there!

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