getting in to a zipcar

Who can join Zipcar?

When you join Zipcar you get access to thousands of our cars and vans. But before we can get your driving, it’s important to make sure that you’re eligible to join.
getting in to a zipcar

Can I join Zipcar?

Applicants must be 23 years or older and have been driving for over a year to be eligible for membership. On top of this you need to have a license with limited points, no major endorsements, no major violations and no alcohol and drug related violations. Your points penalty limit is 3, unless aged between 30-74 then your limit is 6 points You must be free from any major violations for 3 years and have had no alcohol or drug related violations in 7 years.


Can students drive Zipcars?

Students at Cambridge University, Oxford University and Bristol University are eligible for university accounts.  Providing you’re a student of one of the above universities applicants between 19-21 years old, who have been driving for 2 years or more, have no more than 3 points, no major endorsements, no major violations and no alcohol and drug related violations you’re eligible to join Zipcar. The same applies for drivers 21-29 but they only need to have held their license for more than a year.

Can I use Zipcar to learn how to drive?

Unfortunately due to insurance reasons we don’t allow learner drivers to use Zipcars and Zipcars cannot be used for driving tests.

Can I drive a Zipcar on my friend’s account?

If you are an approved Zipcar member you are allowed to drive one of our cars or vans under a friend’s booking, subject to their approval. If you are not a member you are not allowed to drive a Zipcar under a friend or family’s account.

Why Zipcar?

Can I join an existing account?

You can join an existing account by clicking here. Under ‘join as an individual’ select ‘join an existing account’. You will then be asked to enter the email address on the account you would like to join. Once the email address is confirmed you will be taken through the application process. When joining an existing account, the current member will be responsible for all billing matters, so you will not need any payment information.