haunted roads

The most haunted roads in the UK


If you're looking for a spooky roadtrip, or perhaps you're just a fan of things that go bump in the night, then look no further. These frightening freeways and menacing motorways are sure to have you shaking in your boots. Check out the UK's most haunted roads... 


Haunted Hampstead and the B519

The Spaniards

Haunted Hampstead and the B519

Travel along the B519 in Hampstead and you'll find The Spaniard's Inn, a sixteenth-century infamously haunted London pub. Said to be stalked by the ghost of an eighteenth-century highway man who never left the pub and the surrounding roads, the ghost now hunts for passing motorists. A popular spot among Londoners, many of whom do not know that their local has a spooky secret!


The ghost bride of the A229

Ghost bride

The ghost bride of the A229

The A229 from Suffolk to Kent is supposedly the most haunted road in England. The legend goes that a phantom hitchhiker is often spotted waiting to be picked up. Once in the car, he'll tell you his plans and then suddenly disappear from the passenger's seat... never to be seen again. It's also believed that the road is haunted by the ghost bride who was tragically killed while driving to her wedding and is said to have haunted the road ever since.

Distance from London by car: 1hour 20minutes

The Stocksbridge Bypass ghost children

child ghost

The Stocksbridge Bypass ghost children

During the construction of the Stocksbridge Bypass in 1988, strange occurrences started to be reported. Workers building the road began to see small children playing on the site, when they approached the children they vanished into thin air! The reports state that the children were dressed in old-fashioned clothing and are thought to have been the souls of children who went missing in the nearby mineshafts many years before. If you're heading from London to Sheffield, it might be best to give this route a miss...

Distance from London by car: 3hours 15minutes

The M6 Bermuda Triangle


The M6 Bermuda Triangle

The M6 is one of the UK's oldest roads, having first been built over 2000 years ago by the Romans. And apparently, the Romans aren't leaving in a hurry! Motorists have reported seeing groups of Roman soldiers marching across the road in the dead of night. If that's not enough to put this road on your miss-list, there have also been reports of lorries, cars and hitchhikers disappearing from plain sight. 

Distance from London by car: 2hours

Dare to read more?


Dare to read more?

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