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Ways To Be Sustainable At Home


Today is Earth Day (22nd April), a day that means a lot to us because our vision has always been to create greener and cleaner cities. But we know it can be hard to feel like we're doing our bit during this time, so we've compiled some easy things you can try to be more sustainable at home. 



Dispose of disposables

Bamboo toothbrush

Dispose of disposables

Think twice about buying the plastic disposable items, especially in the bathroom.  We’re talking things like razors and toothbrushes.  There are some really great alternatives now – like toothbrushes made from bamboo, traditional metal razors that you can re-use time and time again – and now’s a great time to try out something new. 

Reduce, re-wash, recycle

Wash up then recylce

Reduce, re-wash, recycle

We aren’t forgetting the basics too: recycle. Recycle as much as possible, and when it is safe for you to do.  It’s important to remember to clean out the food residue from your pots and containers: if you don’t, the risk is that the whole load of recycling will have to go to landfill instead because the recycling centres can’t process them.

Eat locally, and seasonally 

Eat local

Eat locally, and seasonally 

It’s likely that a lot of us are doing this anyway at the moment, but eating food locally produced, packaged and sold is another great way of doing your bit. Another level to this is to eat seasonally, strawberries from England in June have probably travelled fewer miles than strawberries you eat in January. 

Switch off when you switch off

Turn the TV off

Switch off when you switch off

We all know that we should turn our TV off standby, but how many of us remember to do it? We know we can forget, but it’s a really easy way to cut electricity use (and cost). Another great way of saving electricity and money is to move to LED light bulbs: they last much longer than traditional light bulbs, and use less energy too. 

Make do and mend

Make do

Make do and mend

Hands up who’s had a closet clear out recently? With us spending more time at home, it’s a great time to re-evaluate how we shop, and what we do with our clothes. One of the best ways to be more sustainable with fashion is just to buy less of it. But if you’re looking for something to do with what you’ve already got, why not give repurposing your clothes a go? Making a top and skirt from a dress, or a cushion cover from a jumper? Making quilts out of old clothes is also becoming a thing. You could surprise yourself with a new skill! 

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