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Zipcar is an easy, affordable, and sustainable transport solution that over 13000 businesses in the UK alone already trust. Members get access to over 3,000+ cars and vans through the free app, where they can search, book and unlock whichever vehicle they need whenever they need it.


Zipcar can get you on the road within a matter of minutes. Simple!

Who are our members?

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Who are our members?

From freelancers and film crews to charities, councils and corporates, Zipcar for Business members come in all shapes and sizes. Our hassle free approach to transport appeals to members who use us regularly, or ad hoc.

We take away the hassle in getting around: not only are we a simple, easy solution but we include the congestion charge, parking, insurance, fuel and 60 mileage for 60 miles in every trip so that all you need to do is get in the car and drive! 

Partnership perks

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Partnership perks

Zipcar for Business members already get cheaper driving rates than standard, but companies that are also our partners benefit from other perks.

These can include further discounts, driving credit promotions and incentives for their staff/members, promotion to our broader consumer Zipcar membership base as well as surprise gifts every now and then! 

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If you would like more information regarding becoming a partner, or having Zipcar as one of your organisation's partners, please get in touch with our Partnership Manager here 

Our Partners

Below is a list of some of the partners we work with. If you think your business customers could benefit from our service do get in touch.

Businesses save money with Zipcar

The Urban Flower Firm    We are proud to be providing some great businesses in London with a flexible transportation solution. TUFF have been using our vans to deliver to customers and to create wonderful decorations for events across the UK. Having access to a flexible fleet means that sorting out transport last minute is never an issue no matter how high the demand is.

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