Fiat 500

Meet the Fiat 500

Book and drive the Fiat 500 by the minute or hour. This easy to drive hybrid car is one of the latest vehicles to join the Zipcar fleet, with prices starting from £6/hour. Only available in Roundtrip.
Fiat 500

Helpful Tips for the Fiat 500

gear stick

Manual Gear Lever

All of our Fiat 500's have a manual transmission.

Before shifting gears, you must first press the clutch pedal all the way to the floor. With the clutch pedal still pressed down, move the gear lever to the desired gear. 
To reverse, pull the silver metal ring on the gearstick up, hold it in this position and shift the stick into R.

How to start the vehicle? 

To start the vehicle, simply put the key (it's in the glovebox!) in the ignition and turn. 

How to put the car into drive, reverse and park?

The Fiat 500 is a manual transmission, so you will need to apply the clutch before shifting to any gear. For reverse, please place the gear stick to position with R, by lifting up the silver metal ring on the gear stick.

How to adjust the wing mirrors? 

To adjust the wing mirrors, locate the mirror adjuster switch on the driver's door panel. Use the switch to adjust the mirror angle up, down, left, and right until you have the desired view.

How to use the headlights and turn signals?

To turn on the headlights, locate the headlight control switch on the control panel and turn it clockwise to the "On" position. To use the turn signals, use the lever on the steering wheel column. Push the lever up to signal a right turn and down to signal a left turn.

How do I release the boot?

To release the boot, locate the boot release button on the key fob or the driver's door panel. Press the button to release the boot.

How to use the windscreen wipers? 

To use the windscreen wipers, locate the wiper control lever on the steering wheel column. Push the lever up to turn on the wipers and adjust the wiper speed using the control settings.

How to release the bonnet? 

To release the bonnet, push the lever up on the left-hand side of the passenger side footwell.

How to access the rear seats?

Gently pull the black handle on the top of the driver and passenger side seat, then slide the seat forward. 

Our Community Rules

Before you hit the road, read our community rules of car-sharing.

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Return it right

Return a Roundtrip on time, or you can extend your booking. Drop a Flex in our Zipzone.

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Keep it clean

Clean up, don’t smoke and take everything with you. Don’t forget to recycle your rubbish!

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Fill ‘er up

If fuel is below ¼ tank at the end of your trip, fill up before you return to it’s bay. Fuel's on us!