Zipcar in the city

Find out more about using Zipcar

This is where we look at the mechanics of how the service works, from finding and unlocking cars, to ending trips and any additional charges.
Zipcar in the city

roundtrip vs flex

Roundtrip vs Flex Journeys?

From going a to b with a Flex car to taking a Roundtrip car or van

zipcar parking ending trip

Ending your Zipcar booking?

Here’s all you need to know about how to end your trip.

how much is zipcar

How much does Zipcar cost?

It’s free to join Zipcar, and we have tons of inclusions too.

zipcar congestion charge

Congestion charge, ULEZ, Dart charge

Take a look at the charges we cover for all our members.

can i join zipcar?

Who should join Zipcar?

Find out if Zipcar is right for you and who's eligible to join.

Extending a zipcar journey

How to extend your Zipcar journey?

Find out how you can extend your booking and avoid extra charges.

zipcar multi-day and overnight

Longer bookings and overnight rates

Find out how much it is for up to 7 day rentals and overnight.

find zipcar via the app

How to find and unlock Zipcar

Making it easier and quicker to get on the road.

Adding fuel

Refuelling your Zipcar

Here's how to top up your Zipcar and which stations to use.

electric car sharing charging bays

What is car sharing?

We've put together an in-depth look at what car sharing is. 

couple in a zipcar

Our community rules

Have a look at our community rules to make the most of Zipcar.