£60 driving credit for New Covent Garden Market customers

Get access to 3,000 vehicles 24/7

£60 driving credit


£60 driving credit

Get the most out of Zipcar by applying through New Covent Garden Market

  • Get your first year free (worth £99)
  • £60 driving credit to get you started
  • On-demand access to nearly 3,000 cars & vans across London 24/7
  • Up to 30% off driving rates
  • No sign up fee for additional drivers within the first 30 days 
  • Fuel, insurance & Congestion Charge incl.
  • Dedicated business support team


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Businesses save money with Zipcar

The Urban Flower Firm     We are proud to be providing some great businesses in London with a flexible transportation solution. TUFF have been using our vans to deliver to customers and to create wonderful decorations for events across the UK.     Having access to a flexible fleet means that sorting out transport last minute is never an issue no matter how high the demand is.