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Kingston Council Employees

Need a vehicle to travel to a meeting, for a site visit or to transport equipment? leave your car at home and use the council’s Zipcars!
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How to access Zipcar

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How to access Zipcar

Kingston Council have set up a Zipcar account to enable employees to use the cars and vans whenever needed for work purposes. Reservations can be made for as little as 1 hour to as long as 1 week- however long you need.

Your nearest Zipcar is in the Guildhall car park, ensuring the vehicles couldn’t be closer! Zipcar also have vehicles at further locations nearby, including Ashdown Road, Grove Crescent and Winery Lane.

What are the advantages of the service?

  • Use a vehicle within seconds- nearest ones < 100 meters away
  • Save time and hassle- no need to fill in expense forms; simply book, unlock and drive; Zipcar team available 24/7, 365 days of the year to answer any queries
  • Eliminate cost and time spent finding a parking space- the Zipcar has its own bay within your car park
  • Eliminate time spent in rush hour traffic jams- leave your car at home and cycle or take the train to work, whilst still having access to a vehicle when needed during the day.

How Zipcar works

Join online for free. Once you’re a member you’ll have access to book Roundtrip journeys, Flex one-way trips as well as our vans and luxury, unbranded fleet. Just download the app, reserve and drive.

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Find Zipcars near you

Use the map to find Zipcar locations near you. Change location.

Why Zipcar?

save money with car sharing

Save money

We pay for fuel, parking, Congestion Charge and insurance – so you get access to a car without all the hassle of owning one!

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Cars near you

Zipcars live just around the corner. We've got the largest car sharing fleet in London (not that we're boasting) and you'll find us in cities across the UK. 

vehicles on demand

Drive on-demand

Whatever you need wheels for, we’ve got them. Rent cars and vans by the minute, hour or day when and where you need them.

greener city living

Live greener

We’re the perfect addition to buses, trains and bikes for those times when you just need a car. We've also got hundreds of electric cars in our fleet.