silver zipcar with One Way sign behind it

Zipcar Flex for Businesses: Travel A to B with one-way car sharing

Whether you are heading to a meeting, commuting to or from the office or moving equipment, Zipcar Flex is the perfect way to get you there. It’s easy, simple one-way car hire (like a self-drive taxi). When you’re ready to go, just reserve a car in our app, drive where you need to go, and drop off at a different location in our Zipzone – it’s as easy as that.
silver zipcar with One Way sign behind it

How Flex works

Zipcar Flex is our one-way option, like a self-drive taxi. Ideal when you need to pick up a car in one destination and drop it off in another. Once you’ve joined, hitting the road is simple. Reserve your one-way Flex trip in our app

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Find and reserve

Find your nearest Flex car in the app – just look for the blue pins (there’s thousands of them). You reserve it and we’ll hold it for 15 minutes.

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Unlock and drive

Unlock the car with the Zipcar app (you'll find the keys in the glove box). Fuel, insurance and the Congestion Charge are all taken care of.

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When you’re done drop your Flex car off in our Zipzone. The Zone covers 15 boroughs in London and Heathrow T5. It’s the largest in the world.

Now boarding one-way trips to and from Heathrow T5

Getting to and from T5 is easier with Flex.

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Get there with Flex

Commuting or heading to a meeting? Take your pick from thousands of Flex cars across London. Find cars near you in the app or use the map - the green pins are our Roundtrip vehicles and blue are Flex, one-way cars.

Meet our Flex fleet

Automatic or manual, e-Golf or Polo – choose the Flex car that best suits you. Drive them wherever you need (although our e-Golf prefers to live in London) – just remember to drop in our Zipzone.

VW Polo

VW Polo

Perfect for nipping around town or running errands.

£0.31/min - £14/hr - £72/day

VW e-Golf

VW e-Golf

Go greener and try a new way to drive around the city.

£0.31/min - £14/hr

Own the road, not the car

Simple, flexible, pay as you go rates that will save you a bundle.

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By the minute

Great for saving money on short trips around the city.

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By the hour

An hourly cap applies from 42 minutes. It stays at £14 for the hour to keep the cost down.

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By the day

Kicking in at 6 hours for the Polo, you’ll never pay more than £89 in 24 hours.