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Can I join Zipcar if I’m under 21?

Yes. If you’re a student and 18-20 years old, you can join with a valid driver’s license—even if it’s from abroad. For non-US or Michigan licenses, read more.


Can I join Zipcar if I’m an international student?

Yes. Apply online. Then, submit a color copy of your license and a second ID (such as a passport) here. Once approved, we’ll send your Zipcard by mail in 3-7 days. Activate it, book, and go!

Can I join a Zipcar university plan if I’m not a student?

If you are a faculty member, staff, alumnus, or otherwise affiliated with a university, you may be eligible for a discount on your Zipcar membership. Find out here.


How do I create a new Zipcar department account at my university?

If you work at a university, you can manage transportation and budgets easily with all staff members on one Zipcar account. Contact us to create a new university department account.