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What is car sharing?

Use Zipcar as an alternative to the costs and hassles of owning or renting a car through our network of shared on demand vehicles.

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zipcar spring promo

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The benefits of sharing

Car sharing is kind of like car rental, but way better. With Zipcar, you can book cars on demand by the hour or day to go where you want, when you want.

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Save money

Zipcar covers gas, insurance options,* parking and maintenance for a potential monthly savings of $600 over car ownership.

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Locations near you

Zipcars live in cities and campuses around the world. View Zipcars near you.

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Drive on-demand

Book Zipcars by the hour or day, 24/7. And unlike a car rental, there’s no waiting in line at the counter. Just book, unlock, and go.

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Go beyond public transit

A perfect complement to the bus and train, Zipcars help you cart shopping bags, haul furniture, or skip town for a few—on your schedule.

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Unlock a variety of cars

Zipcars come in all shapes and sizes—compact sedans, luxury SUVs, spacious vans, and more. Switch it up whenever you feel like it.

Frequently asked questions

Ready to drive?

The backseat isn’t an option where you’re headed. It’s time to start commuting, exploring, and running errands on your own time.

Is gas included?

Yes, gas is on us! Need to fill up? Use the gas card found behind the driver’s side visor. Every car should have at least ¼ tank to start (so kindly bring yours back that way, too.)

How many miles are included?

No matter where or how long you drive, 180 miles are included in most membership plans. Any overage is billed at $.58 per mile. Learn more.

How does Zipcar insurance coverage work?

All members in good standing have secondary third-party auto liability and Personal Injury Protection (PIP) or "no-fault" coverage. A $1,000 damage fee may apply which you can reduce or eliminate by buying an optional waiver. Learn more.

*Offer valid for new Zipcar members’ first month of membership only. Application fee still applies. Excludes current Zipcar members. Zipcar may change or revoke the discount any time. Membership Discount excludes Annual, Business and University rate plans, will be applied to Monthly membership rate plan only, and has no cash value.

**Offer valid for new Zipcar members’ first year of membership only. Excludes current Zipcar members. Offer expires 5/28/24. Zipcar may change or revoke the discount any time. Discount applied to annual membership rate plan only and has no cash value. Application fee still applies. Membership Discount excludes Business and University rate plans.