Zipcar for Universities

More campus mobility.
Less congestion.

Zipcar provides on-demand access to a variety of cars by the hour or the day around campuses, cities, and airports across the globe.
Zipcar for Universities

Learn why Zipcar makes the grade

Zipcar helps universities solve complex transportation issues with on-demand, self-service cars on campus.

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Fits student budgets

One rate covers gas, insurance, parking and maintenance. So turnkey, it’s a no-brainer.

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Keeps campus cleaner

Car sharing lowers demand for on-campus parking and eases traffic throughout the university.

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Lower CO2 footprint

Join a sustainable transportation solution that saves 219 gallons of oil per Zipcar.

Half sun, half moon

On demand access

Find flexible programs for students, faculty and staff. Contact us today to learn more.

Bring Zipcar to your campus

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University case studies

Some of the world's most notable colleges and universities use Zipcar.

Zipcar serves students, faculty, and staff with on-demand vehicles. Our turnkey program means less campus congestion, a smaller CO2 footprint, and convenient rides between classes. Smart moves, wouldn’t you say? Watch our videos to see how Zipcar works on campus.

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Join the 500+ universities using Zipcar

Use the map to find Zipcars on universities throughout the country. Change schools.

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Are you a student?

Drive whenever, wherever with Zipcars at over 600 campuses.

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Work at a university?

University faculty or staff? Get around and off campus easily in Zipcars. Plus, manage staff and department travel all on one account.

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Bring Zipcar to your campus

Bring self-service cars to your campus. Zipcar enables students, faculty, and staff to drive on-demand, while reducing congestion and increasing sustainability.