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Easy access to cars on demand since 2000

Instant car rentals. Gas included. A smarter way to get around.

For a limited time, get 50% OFF an annual plan** or your first month on us* with code: SPRING.
Zipcar Spring Promo

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The benefits of sharing

Rent cars on demand by the hour or day to go where you want, when you want.

Save time

Save time

Book and unlock cars near you with our app, 24/7. No waiting, no hosts, and no weird vibes.

Save money

Save money

Our members save $1,000+/month* compared to car owners. Gas and insurance options are included with each trip, and you skip the monthly car payments.

Stress less

Stress less

Zipcars come with a “home” parking spot, 24/7 trip support and roadside assistance, and a team of pros who handle maintenance. Book trips by the hour or by the day, anytime.

Why Zipcar is better than owning a car

No monthly car or insurance payments
Variety of Zipcars to pick from (sedans, SUVs, etc.)
Gas, insurance options, and maintenance included
Designated Zipcar parking spots
Save money

*Average monthly car costs include fuel, maintenance/repair/tire costs, insurance, license/registration/taxes, depreciation, and finance charges. This number was taken from the 2022 AAA Your Driving Costs study and Zipcar Impact Report. View more details here.

** Zipcar monthly costs are based using a Zipcar reservation average of 20 hours per month.

Frequently asked questions

Ready to drive?

The backseat isn’t an option where you’re headed. It’s time to start commuting, exploring, and running errands on your own time.

*Offer valid for new Zipcar members’ first month of membership only. Application fee still applies. Excludes current Zipcar members. Zipcar may change or revoke the discount any time. Membership Discount excludes Annual, Business and University rate plans, will be applied to Monthly membership rate plan only, and has no cash value.

**Offer valid for new Zipcar members’ first year of membership only. Excludes current Zipcar members. Offer expires 6/24/2024. Zipcar may change or revoke the discount any time. Discount applied to annual membership rate plan only and has no cash value. Application fee still applies. Membership Discount excludes Business and University rate plans.