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College freedom. On wheels.

As the world’s leading car-sharing network, Zipcar lets you drive a variety of cars on demand, by the hour or the day, around campuses, cities and airports worldwide.
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Join for $25 your first year.
Join for $25 your first year.

How Zipcar works

Round Trip
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Join in minutes

Apply online with a valid driver's license. Most people are approved instantly and can book a trip in minutes.

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Drive on demand

Book a round trip car by the hour or day. Use our app to unlock and lock during your trip. We'll also send you a Zipcard.

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When you’re done, park the car in the same location you picked it up from, then end the trip with the app.

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Sign up

The commuter membership gets you exclusive access to a Zipcar and parking spot, Monday-Friday. Apply here.

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Drive unlimited

Drive your Zipcar whenever you want during the workweek. Use the dedicated spot throughout the week.

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Return the Zipcar to its dedicated spot at the end of the day on Friday. It will be there for you next week!

Faculty, alumni or staff?

Not a student? If you’re affiliated with Georgia Tech, you may still be eligible for a discount on your Zipcar membership.

Need to create a new department account?

Join here

How do I join Zipcar?

Apply online with a valid driver’s license. Most members are approved instantly and can book a trip within minutes.


How much does Zipcar cost?

Check the cost of Zipcar membership in your university here. Reserve cars by the hour or day, with gas, secondary insurance, and 180 miles per day are all included. Price it out.


Are there Zipcars near my university?

Zipcars live at more than 600 universities across North America. Type your address in the search bar below to find Zipcars near you.

How soon can I drive with Zipcar?

First, sign up for membership. Most members are approved instantly and can book a trip within minutes but in some cases, it may take a little longer to check your driving record. As soon as you’re approved, you can book Zipcars by the hour or day and use the app to unlock and lock during your trip. We’ll also mail you a Zipcard—an access card to any Zipcar vehicle you reserve. It arrives in 5-7 business days. Until it does, it’s better to book cars and trips in places where your phone will be in range.

Join Students with Drive

Mentoring kids, helping Habitat for Humanity, volunteering in nursing homes. Across the USA, student organizations can go further on and off their campuses with the help of Zipcar. How does your student group help?

Show Zipcar your community-changing story through Students with Drive (and win some $$$).


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Share the wheel with us

Here’s how our members use Zipcar.

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Why Zipcar?

Wheels when you want them, by the hour or day, and only pay for the time you reserve.

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18 and up

If you’re a university student, you just need to be 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license to join.

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Save money

Zipcar covers gas, secondary insurance, parking, and maintenance for a potential savings of $600/month over car ownership.

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Drive on-demand

Zipcars live right on your university campus. No waiting in line at the counter. Just book, and go.

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All drivers welcome

If you’re an international student, don’t worry: we accept drivers from other countries!

Ready to drive?

The backseat isn’t an option where you’re headed. It’s time to start commuting, exploring, and running errands on your own time.