July 13, 2015

Spandex, Medals, and Minivans: The Story of Green Line Velo [Video]

We’ve all felt it. Even when living in a metro area with millions of people, it’s possible to feel like you’re on your own.

It’s the great conundrum of the modern age: so many people and (seemingly) so few ways to connect. It’s why when avid cyclist Kyle Butler graduated college—and therefore ended his days of collegiate competitions—he and his friends struggled to find a similar community in the city.

Living scattered along the route of Boston’s Green Line subway, they continued to cycle on their own, but longed for a sense of camaraderie. What can you do when you can’t find it? Make it yourself.

In 2009, they decided to take the leap and create a cycling team of their own. With a little research, they found people with similar interests and registered with USA Cycling. Thus started Green Line Velo, now a 32-member competitive team that races around the country (and has a healthy load of medals to boot).

Whether inviting the public to their Wednesday community rides, competing alongside New England champs, supporting the new women’s team, or loading up Zipcars (believe us, these guys really know how to rock a minivan) with bikes and helmets aplenty, it’s clear that these cyclists have built a lasting community. After scoring sponsorships from Landry’s Bicycles and Specialized, plus lots of friends at favorite post-ride spot OTTO Pizza, their influence has spread across the city, both in athletics and in society.

As cities slowly but surely become more bicycle-friendly, even those of us who don’t own spandex or race on the weekends can strap on the latest gear and try out a two-wheeled commute to work.

But for now, roll with the fast-paced members of Green Line Velo.

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