Zipcar moving van
July 30, 2019

7 Tips For A Smooth Move

Heading back to school? Arriving on campus for the first time? Or maybe you’re just moving apartments on the busiest day of the year (like the infamous September 1st rush in our hometown of Boston, aka "Allston Christmas"). Moving day doesn’t have to be the frazzled, expensive, or muscle-spasm-inducing stress it’s been in years past. It’s time to turn over a new leaf and embrace moving day! With these 7 pointers, we promise it won’t be a total nightmare. (Unfortunately, we can’t promise your couch will fit through the doorframe once you get there.) 

1. Skip the moving company

If you’d rather save your funds for an upgrade to your own private Netflix account, there’s no need for the indulgence of professional movers. Moving can be a DIY operation - even without owning a truck or knowing someone who does. All it takes is a sizeable vehicle like an SUV or a van – hey, we may know where to find one of those.  

Zipcar transit van

2. Blast some sweet tunes

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that even the most dreaded of tasks are improved with a good soundtrack. Procrastinate packing for an extra hour and put together a playlist on Spotify to get in the move groove. Because what’s more fun than actually moving your boxes to the left while listening to “Irreplaceable”? 

3. Bribe your friends into helping

What are friends for? All it takes is the vague promise of pizza or donuts and you’ll have friends knocking at your door. Even better, start a text chain with your new house or dorm mates to stagger move in times so that you can all pitch in to help each other. Many hands make for light work, as the saying goes. The comradery will start the year off right – and you may just spot a book, game, or dress you want to borrow in the process...  

4. Reusable bags are your friend

You don’t really need all those bulky boxes when moving. Reusable bags are easier to haul around and hold your stuff just as well. No cardboard or trash bags here - utilize reusable grocery bags for a sturdy, environmentally friendly option.  

5. Wrap your breakables in sweaters 

Kill two birds with one stone and pack your clothes and collection of little glass animals (or mugs) in one fell swoop. Sweaters and t-shirts make perfect insulation for your breakables. Safe and snuggled away, your precious pieces will also be happier knowing you used the eco-friendly option - no extra paper or bubble wrap required. 

6. Pack your underwear on top

And your toothbrush. And a change of clothes, toilet paper, and a bath towel. After moving in to your new digs and making some new friends, you may want to be just 10 minutes away from “ready to go”. Instead of spending your first afternoon in your new room unpacking, open yourself up to spontaneous possibilities without digging around for something clean to wear. We want you to make the best first impression, so put on a fresh t-shirt first.  

group of friends taking selfie

7. Just own less

Subscribe, share, save. From Spotify to scooters on campus and Netflix to your library card, you share a lot of things these days. Moving is much easier when you simply have less stuff. The need to touch everything you own and put it in boxes is the perfect time to downsize - consider donating things you no longer need or making a promise to invest in sharing over buying this semester. 

Good luck!