Two people load things into the trunk of a Zipcar.
July 27, 2021

Top Tips for Being a Good Zipcar Member

Zipcar perks abound. When you join Zipcar, you say goodbye to maintenance, gas costs and rental car return issues—plus, a portion of your carbon footprint. In return, you gain access to thousands of cars in convenient locations. 

New to Zipcar? No problem. We asked some of our expert Zipcar members for their top Zipcar tips, and here's what they had to share. 

Give Yourself Some Breathing Room 

If you're late to drop off your Zipcar, you might throw the next member’s day into a tailspin. Members who need the car after you end up having to wait, and that could affect other members down the line. 

To keep the Zipcar universe swimming along smoothly, try to build in a 30-minute buffer into your reservation. If you're a multitasker and you often end up arriving later than usual at planned events, that extra time will help keep you in the clear of getting penalized or messing up another member’s plans. 

A Little Research Can Go a Long Way 

Like to fly by the seat of your pants? We completely understand—that's all part of the adventure, right? Having said that, try to do some research in advance for where you'll fill up with gas before returning the car. 

Especially if you’re in Manhattan since there are only a handful of options. 

Apps, including popular map ones, can help you find gas stations nearby. Drop a pin before you leave and set a course for the pump shortly before your drop-off time—and don't forget to use the Zipcar gas card when you pay (it’s included). 

Save Money by Taking Advantage of Weekday Trips 

Like saving money? So do we! Weekday hourly rates are cheaper so try booking a Zipcar on the weekdays for that errand you were going to run on the weekend.  

If you usually go grocery shopping on a Saturday, why not go on a Wednesday evening instead? Yearning for a mini-break? Hop upstate after work on Thursday, take Friday off and explore somewhere new. Drive to the nearest outlook on a Monday evening to watch the sunset, or meet a friend for dinner in a different neighborhood this Tuesday. Zipcar weekday rates for the win! 

Become a Pro User with the Zipcar App 

If you don't have the Zipcar app yet, you are missing out. You can book a round trip on your phone, unlock your car and extend your trip from the app. Just open the app to see images of your reserved car and view the integrated street map to find your Zipcar. 

The Zipcar app is totally free. And makes your trip experience from start to finish a lot easier. 

You’re ready to hit the road with these four expert tips. Give yourself a 30-minute buffer just in case, plan ahead for where to fill up the gas tank on the way back, look at weekday trips for cheaper hourly rates, and make sure to download the app for an easier trip experience.