Man in a store looking through the clothing on a display rack
June 22, 2022

Weekend Plans: Flea Markets and Craft Shows Near You

Flea markets and craft fairs are great ways to shop locally, purchase affordable and sustainable goods, and take in local culture. With a Zipcar, you can pack your weekend activities calendar with a variety of craft fairs and flea markets and ensure you have the transportation you need to not only get around but to transport your awesome finds back home.  

Check out some unique flea markets and craft fairs in these cities this weekend. 


Boston is a city with plenty of rich history, which makes it an excellent place to shop for antiques and historic goods. Make sure to include a visit to the Cambridge Antique Market, which is hosted on five floors and features about 150 sellers that offer everything from furniture and household goods to toys, dolls, and books.  

The Society of Arts and Crafts has contemporary American arts and crafts galleries and rotating exhibitions, letting you take in the works of some of the country's best artists and creators. 


For plenty of interesting second-hand finds and handmade crafts, hit up the Buyer's Flea Market, which is one of the largest in the city. This market is family-owned and features hundreds of dealers and food stalls located both indoors and out. 

Los Angeles 

Whether it's an enormous outdoor market in the sunshine or a comfortable, air-conditioned indoor market, you should certainly make a point of including one of Los Angeles' unique flea markets in your weekend plans this summer. With the city's diverse (and enormous) population, its flea markets have plenty to offer when it comes to food, crafts, antiques, and oddities.  

Head to the Pasadena area to check out the Rose Bowl Flea Market, which takes place monthly and features an eclectic and substantial collection of crafts, handmade and second-hand apparel, and antiques. 


Home of U.S. landmarks like the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, Philadelphia is one of the country's most historic cities. It's also home to one of the area's largest outdoor flea markets — the Phila Flea Market. This series of outdoor markets travels throughout the city all summer long, hitting popular city spots such as the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, Jefferson Square Park, and Society Hill.  

To add to your weekend plans in Philadelphia, the Fine Craft Fair at Ludwig's Corner on June 25 and 26 features more than 100 contemporary fine artists selling items such as apparel, jewelry, and upscale home furnishings.  

Washington, D.C. 

Our nation's capital, Washington, D.C., is home to many flea markets and craft fairs that take place year-round. The Georgetown Flea Market happens on Sundays and offers a variety of fascinating items, including antiques, jewelry, toys, and furniture. 

Also occurring on Sundays is the city's Flea Market at Eastern Market, which always has a unique selection of local vendors with handcrafted goods and collectible items for sale.