people in car for date night
February 22, 2023

Cozy and Fun Car Date Ideas

When long walks on the beach or candlelit dinners are overdone, you can surprise your special someone with a cozy car date. Whether you’re hanging out with someone new or showing your significant other extra appreciation, here are a few fun car date ideas. 

Car Picnic 

Instead of an overpriced dinner at a packed restaurant, grab a blanket, pick up your favorite foods, and have a picnic from the comfort of your car. If you have a roomy SUV, you can spread out blankets and pillows and even hang string lights to enjoy a cozy car trunk date from your driveway. 

A car picnic is also a great excuse to watch a sunset or take in your local scenic views. Time your date so you can watch the sunset or stargaze together while cuddled up in the front seat, in a truck bed, or on the hood. Bring your favorite picnic classics such as sandwiches and pasta salad, or get takeout from either a new or well-loved restaurant.  

Movie Night in the Car 

Head to your local drive-in theater, or set up your own big screen using your laptop or tablet and your preferred streaming service. You can even set up a projector and invite others for a double date night as long as you have a power source, a device-compatible projector and white sheet to display your movie on. Don’t forget equipment such as a portable power bank, extension cords, and digital FM transmitter to broadcast audio to your radio. 

Make sure you have a Wi-Fi connection or can download movies via Netflix or other streaming services. Check out top films such as Everything Everywhere All At Once, revisit classics such as Casablanca or Forrest Gump, or watch the latest episode of your favorite streaming TV series. 

Drive Through Tour 

Show your date the parts of your city they never get to see with a driving tour date. Spend the day acting like a tourist and visit the best spots your city has to offer. Check out the top-rated restaurants and cafes, iconic or historical spots, or tour each other’s favorite neighborhoods to get to know your date better.  

To keep your car date exciting, create a list of stops beforehand so you don’t get stuck after your first spot, and make sure each stop is interesting to both you and your date. Aim to spend about 30 minutes at each spot, but be open to a spontaneous or romantic change of plans. 

For a romantic twist, bring a disposable camera to take photos together at each location. Get them developed before your next date and enjoy reliving the memories of your car date together.