October 18, 2017

How to Master Parking on a Hill

Whether it’s in your own city neighborhood or your next Ziptrip out of town, a refresher on how to park your car on a hill is always helpful. Check out our video (plus the play-by-play below it) to make sure you know the safest way to park both uphill and downhill.

Parking on a Hill, Step by Step

Score! You’ve found a parking spot, and it’s time to parallel park. (Remember, your rear bumper should line up with the other car, and look both ways as you back in.) But what about when parking on a hill?

Parking Uphill

Let the car roll until the wheel lightly touches the curb.

If you’re parking uphill, after you’ve finished parallel parking, remember to turn the steering wheel away from the curb, toward the road. With a foot on the brake, gently let the car roll backward until the wheel lightly touches the curb. Put the car in park—and don’t forget the parking brake!

Parking Downhill

If you’re parking downhill, turn the steering wheel toward the curb, then slowly let the car roll forward until the wheel touches the curb. Put the car into park, and set the parking brake.

Parking on a Hill with No Curb

Just turn the wheel toward the edge of the road.

And if there’s no curb? No worries—just turn the wheel toward the edge of the road before parking, whether you’re parked uphill or downhill. Then set the parking brake.

Hillside parking accomplished!   

Any suggestions or helpful tips for parking or driving in the city? Let us know in the comments.