August 17, 2015

9 Newsletters for Students That Will Become An Essential Part of Your Day

Image courtesy of Fuse/ThinkstockImage courtesy of Fuse/Thinkstock

We get it: The Internet is big. So big that if you want to do some casual browsing between classes, you’ll likely find yourself getting mired in a sea of clickbait—or simply zoning (and scrolling).

It doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve searched high and low (or, you know, just virtually) for the best newsletters for students, from entertaining to educational. They’ll expertly fill your downtime…and supply you with a steady stream of lifehacks, too. From pop culture to restaurant recommendations, job app suggestions to study abroad guides, these inbox-enhancers bring the good stuff—sans time-sucking surfing.


Two bucks a month for a newsletter? Trust: Dabbler is worth the (pretty chill) investment. Designed to teach subscribers new skills, help them embark on cool personal projects or learn useful skills, Dabbler will ensure you’re mastering much more than differential equations. Like bookbinding. Or DIY hot-sauce making. Or stargazing.


It’s right there in the name: GoAbroad’s weekly newsletter compiles a regularly updated list of overseas opportunities, ranging from internships in Barcelona to volunteering trips in Sri Lanka to sweet spring break programs all over the place. Having dedicated time to travel around the world? Yeah, college is awesome.


You’re probably someone who likes learning new things. But if you don’t want your class curricula to be the only source of your intellectual kicks, Think Smarter with Penguin is one of our fave newsletters for students. The themed mailing includes essays, extracts, and other essential reads on everything from the future of technology to Occupy Wall Street. Keep that gray matter revved up.

4. TED

If you’re like us, TED Talks are your go-to for a dose of inspiration—and personal motivation. Imagine, then, what a daily (or weekly) missive from the TED team could do. Each newsletter sends a handpicked talk and playlist to your inbox, pulling from a huge range of topics. Been in the library too long? This could be just the thing to get your brain back on track.


You’ve left home for a new place…and it’s going to take a little while to get your bearings. Luckily, Yelp is here to do the work when it comes to finding the hotspots ’round town. Its Weekly Yelp newsletters profile 125-odd cities across the U.S. and round up everything from top ramen joints to tasty bakeries each week. You’re gonna want those top brownie finds.


After a long day of classes, sometimes you just need to chill out with a few puppy videos. Sign up for BuzzFeed Today and you’ll have the day’s most clicked, LOL-worthy articles, gifs, and videos bundled up and sent your way. As far as newsletters for students go, this one is the ultimate procrastination package.


Whether you’re applying for your first-ever internship or are (gulp) starting to think about what comes after graduation, The Muse newsletter makes it all way less daunting. From cover letter advice to interview tips to making over your LinkedIn page, this digestible read will help you find your professional footing.


Not only is Refinery 29’s newsletter pretty, but it’s also packed with great reads. Pop culture lovers get primo celeb gossip, budding fashion bloggers have updates on the latest trends, and other daily articles cover everything from new apps to healthy eating to personal finance tips and what’s about to disappear from Netflix. The essentials, in short.


College means meeting lots of new people. But if you’re struggling to mingle and keep conversations afloat, time to call backup. Like Now I Know. Full of quirky facts on subjects ranging from dyed rhinos to Swedish coffee to a phobia of homophones, each daily email will teach you something new (and give you an epic library of conversation starters).