Riding a Bike in the Park
April 7, 2023

Zipcar members & employees share tips for living sustainably in the city

What are the best ways to live sustainably in the city? We asked our members and employees to share what they do daily to reduce their impact on the planet. From embracing local parks to taking public transit, here are their top tips. 

Visit & Support Your Local Parks 

“The park is a great place for everyone—kids and adults alike. The kids can play all over the playscape, and adults get to speak with their neighbors. You can fly a kite, feed the ducks, or read a book under a tree. It’s a great way for you to experience the great outdoors right where you live.” —Ashley, Zipcar Employee, Boston 

“Find your local park stewardship group and volunteer with them. In New York City, you can learn how to prune street trees, work in forever wild forests, and plant native plants. You don’t need to know anything to get started. For New York City, visit the parks website, or go online and find out more information about your local stewardship groups.” —Debra, Zipcar Employee, New York City 

Embrace Native Plants 

“My favorite thing to do in an urban environment is to set my landscape up so that native pollinators and native birds are attracted to it. There’s a movement called Homegrown National Park. You can list your home as you’re dedicating one part of it to native plants or a butterfly waystation, and we’ll start to have more native plants in the cities and maybe have what is called a Homegrown National Park across the United States.” —Sue Ellen, Zipcar Member, New Jersey 

Compost Food Waste 

“When food ends up in landfills, it generates methane, a gas that’s 80 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Methane is a huge problem and is quickening the Earth's warming in the near term. As one-third of food in the United States is wasted, I highly recommend composting. It's free and most big cities’ websites share drop-off locations. I like to freeze a bag of compostable food scraps and drop them off weekly at a location a few blocks away.” —Carolyn, Zipcar Employee, New York City 

Take Public Transportation 

“Every decision to take public transit to a destination means less emissions and less congestion on our streets. Every time someone chooses public transit over a private car trip, the more cities can invest in these systems in the future. That creates this great cycle that benefits the environment, benefits people who don’t have access to cars, and ultimately, it’s a fun thing to do.” —Jon, Zipcar Employee, San Francisco 

“Living in the city, there are a variety of options available for transportation—buses, trains, bike paths—and it’s fun to be able to change my commute every so often, especially as the weather is getting nicer. I get to keep my body moving and healthy and appreciate the city for what it is.” —Cecilia, Zipcar Employee, Boston 

“It’s easier than sitting in traffic, and it allows me some personal time to relax, to read a book, or if I have work that I need to get done, I can also do that as well.” —Paul, Zipcar Employee, Boston 

“Any city I decide to reside in or visit, I make sure to learn how to navigate around without a car. I learn what public transportation, taxi, ride sharing services are available in the area and utilize whenever possible.” —Nikki, Zipcar Employee, Georgia 

Walk Everywhere 

“We’re in New York, so you can walk anywhere pretty much. No where is too far of a walk—unless you’re walking to another borough.” —Tyler, Zipcar Member, New York City 

Ride a Bike 

“Riding my bike is my favorite sustainability action. Not only does it help reduce my carbon footprint, but it allows me to get some exercise and see my city from a different perspective.” —Hayley, Zipcar Employee, Boston 





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