January 20, 2016

Your Love-Hate Relationship with Winter, In 12 Phases

Oh, winter. For only being a quarter of the year, it sure does get a lot of our attention. We bundle up, stock the shelves with non-perishable food, and act like it’s the zombie apocalypse. But then, there are the days when we unleash our inner kid and celebrate snow days as if they’re the greatest gift on earth. In reality, there are many stages we all go through when it snows. Here’s a peek, from first snowflake to full-on blizzard.

Day 1: First snowfall. Completely overreact. Buy freeze-dried meals and batteries in bulk.

Day 2: Realize this isn’t Snowpocalypse—and the city actually looks pretty beautiful in white. You can finally wear your new coat! Instagram heavily. #winterwonderland

Day 3: The world is a winter playground. Plan a ski trip, make a snow angel, and realize that shoveling is great cardio. This could work.

Day 4: Mmm, but it’s so warm inside. Cancel dinner plans just because you don’t want to put on your snow boots.

Day 5: Omgomgomg blizzard. Why do I live here?

Day 6: I’m booking a one-way ticket to Hawaii right now.

Day 7: Why don’t humans hibernate? I’m gonna start carbo-loading now.

Day 8: Reach new depths of Netflix. Watch all the shows. Especially the ones set in sunny locales.

Day 9: Cabin fever sets in. Your legs are cramped from sitting for so long. The outside is calling for you. Peek outside just to see if it’s survivable.

Day 10: The weather forecast says the worst is over. You go outside and barely recognize the city. Where does the sidewalk end and the street begin?

Day 11: Time to have some fun. Snowball fiiight!

Day 12: Hot cocoa? Blankets? This isn’t so bad. Winter, come at me.