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November 8, 2018

5 Great Ideas for Giving Tuesday

Rolling in right after Black Friday is Giving Tuesday, a global day of giving back. It’s a super positive day, and a great opportunity to do something good for someone else and kick off the holiday season in a compassionate way.

And it isn’t all about money. There are loads of ways that you can share the love this year, whatever your situation. Check out these ideas for some Giving Tuesday inspo.

Lend a helping hand in your neighborhood.

Be a good neighbor

Your time serves just as well as cash or material things. And if you help those in your area, you’ll be giving back to your local community, too. Find out whether there are any neighborhood initiatives you could get involved in, or maybe even spearhead a new project of your own, whether that’s cleaning up your local park or doing some community gardening.

On a smaller scale, why not offer to help your neighbors out with everyday tasks like babysitting or DIY, or even run errands for those too old or unwell to drive. Whatever you do to give back, it’s sure to be appreciated, and makes for a happier atmosphere at home.

Donating is super easy. You can even do it by text.

Donate to a good cause

Think of all the things you spend your money on. That latte you didn’t really need. That sweatshirt that looks a lot like the one you already have. We think nothing of spending a few bucks on things like these, so rather than get something you don’t need, why not spend the money on someone who actually does need something?

Whether you donate to a big charitable association or to smaller local causes, it’s so easy to do. You can even donate via text to many organizations, simply by punching in a few numbers while you’re standing in line at a store. Groups like the Red Cross are a great place to start.

Food banks are always looking for volunteers, so why not help out?

Volunteer at a food bank

Feeding America helps you find your local food bank, and food banks are always looking for volunteers. Times are particularly tough for those without enough to eat during the fall and winter months, especially when the temperature drops. A great Giving Tuesday idea, volunteering isn’t just about helping to package food or serve the needy. If you’ve got some know-how in an area—finance, for example, or IT—you can put those skills to use for the greater good.

Giving blood saves lives, and costs absolutely nothing.

Give blood

You need to meet certain requirements to donate blood, but almost everyone is eligible. By giving blood you can save lives, and organizations like America’s Blood Centers—the biggest network of non-profit community blood centers in North America—can help you to find out just how you can help. There’s also a load of information online if you’re nervous or if you don’t know whether you’d be allowed to donate, and for those short on cash this holiday season, it costs absolutely nothing to do.

You can make someone’s day simply by showing them a little kindness.

Perform a random act of kindness

If you’ve been bought coffee by a stranger, you’ll know how touching it can be to receive an act of kindness out of the blue. So why not flip the roles and be the one to pay it forward? You could buy coffee for the person in line behind you, pay for a meal for someone in need or send a friend some flowers for no reason. You could pay a stranger a compliment or even write to someone’s boss saying how great they are if they’ve given you good customer service. Use your imagination, and you’ll make someone’s day.