Friends sharing a Zipcar to reduce carbon emissions
November 23, 2021

Going Green for Thanksgiving: Giving Thanks to Our Environment

Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude. We spend time with loved ones and give thanks to the people and things that are most important in our lives. This year, remember to show the environment a little love too. 

Here are five tips so you can have a greener Thanksgiving. 

Try Different Multi-Modal Transportation Options

Reducing our carbon emissions is a great way to protect the environment. This year, you can do your part by using shared transportation options in your city. So hop on a bus or train. Carpool with friends or family members. Grab a Zipcar to get to your Thanksgiving celebrations. They’re all green ways to minimize pollution and show your gratitude for the environment.

Support Local Businesses

Food miles are the distance your food travels from its producer before it reaches your plate. And keeping your food miles low can go a long way in protecting our environment. Have a more sustainable Thanksgiving by visiting a local farmer's market or buying directly from a local farm.

Reduce Energy Consumption

If you're heading out of town for the holidays, don't forget to reduce energy consumption while you're out of the house or apartment. That includes turning down your thermostat and turning off the lights before you leave. If you plan to put up holiday lights up, use LED lights, and hook them up to a timer so they're not turned on during daylight or overnight hours.

Be Smart With Leftovers

 Of course, the best way to cut your food waste is by cooking only what you'll eat. When that’s not possible, compost scraps and use reusable containers instead of plastic wrap and freezer bags.

Skip Black Friday Shopping

We know the environmental impact of holidays is huge, but it doesn't end when Thanksgiving dinner's over. Black Friday shopping might be all about getting good deals on Christmas gifts. But between the traffic and pollution caused by crowds and the often non-recyclable, goods we buy, it wreaks havoc on the environment. Instead of joining the chaos this year, make homemade gifts or shop for local handmade presents for your friends and family.