man with flannel shirt getting into dark blue hatchback with zipcar logo
March 14, 2022

The Positive Impact of Using Zipcar

What if we told you can reduce your carbon emissions and save money while doing it? Yep, you heard that right. By using Zipcar, our members cut their carbon footprint by up to 1,600 lbs. per year and save about $784/month on average compared to car owners.  

Those aren’t the only benefits of being a Zipcar member though. Learn more about the positive impact you have on the environment and your city by using Zipcar. 

More space for people 

Did you know personally owned vehicles are parked about 95% of the time? And that there are 284 million vehicles registered in the U.S.? By reimagining street space in our cities, we can make room for people and not cars. Each Zipcar takes up to 13 personally owned cars off the road. And that’s enough space to fit four studio apartments, 20 farmers’ market stalls, or 200 seats for outdoor dining.  

Positive environmental impact 

With fewer cars on the road, there’s less traffic and fewer emissions. Our members also drive fewer miles than they did before joining Zipcar and carpool more for their trips. With this cut in carbon emissions, our air and water are cleaner, and we have a more comfortable natural environment. 

Fewer cars on the road also means less road construction and maintenance, which cuts greenhouse gas emissions and pollution even more. On top of that, since we don’t need as much parking, there's more room for nature in our cities. 

Access to more of your city 

Grocery trips. Work functions. Dinner with friends. Day trips. Not owning a car doesn’t mean missing out on stuff. We’re a key part of multi-modal transportation systems in cities throughout North America. So you can access a car whenever you need one, whether it’s to run errands for a couple of hours or head out for a day of fun.  

You get all the benefits of having a car and none of the burdens of owning one.  

Save money 

Owning a car in the city is expensive. Between the costs of buying a car and the hidden fees that come with it, the burdens of car ownership outweigh its benefits. With access to cars on demand with Zipcar, members have affordable access to a car when they need one. And gas, insurance options, and maintenance are included. That works out to a lot less cash coming out of your pocket each month and a much more sustainable driving solution.