April 16, 2015

How City Life is Making Us All Millennials [Infographic]

Have you heard of that new band? Have you downloaded that new app? Have you tried the latest health craze? You might be a millennial. Or you might be part of growing demographic: urbanites. According to our latest stats, millennial attitudes towards gadgets and lifestyle have less to do with your birth date, and more to do with your environment.

While we generally define “millennials” as being born in the early ’80s to early ’00s, their modern mindset is now spreading to city dwellers of all generations. In a recent survey, we found that Gen X’ers and Baby Boomers living in urban areas have more in common with millennials than they do with their counterparts living in the suburbs or rural areas. That explains why former luddites are ditching their empty nests in the ’burbs for a city apartment and suddenly can’t stop talking about how there aren’t enough bike sharing spaces.

Where you choose to live seems to dictate more about you than your age. (We even made a handy quiz to check.) Now, if someone could just tell that to the kids who think we’re dinosaurs for being born before the iPhone was invented.