November 3, 2014

Why London’s Iconic Red Phone Booths Are Going Green

When you’re on the go, the last thing you want to do is scramble for the nearest outlet to juice up your gadgets. Luckily for the phone-dependent among us, Tech Times recently reported that two London students have found a solution to this mobile-energy conundrum: the city’s iconic red phone booths.

Solarbox transforms London’s iconic red booths into lean, green, charging machines.Solarbox transforms London’s iconic red booths into lean, green, charging machines.

It’s true. While you can still spot these historic booths throughout the city, for the most part they have become obsolete. But by installing a solar panel on top and painting it green, these icons take on another life: “solarbox.” The new technology offers a free and convenient way for anyone to recharge without derailing the day (or missing an essential call/text/reminder/email/tweet).

With mobile phones becoming a staple of our everyday lives — and more and more people moving back into urban areas — maintaining each city’s unique character while adapting to modern needs is key. We have already seen other cities, such as New York, begin to repurpose underutilized resources that are easily shareable. What item would you revamp to make living a little easier in your city?