July 9, 2014

Your City’s Five-Year Plan Just Aced The Job Interview

Ask yourself what your five-year plan is and it may involve a new job or condo purchase. But according to IBM’s predictive video series, urban life’s five-year plan is, well…just a bit more complex.

Instead of urban centers we work around, the city-living script will get completely flipped. Through big data, crowdsourcing, and ubiquitous smartphones (OK, maybe that’s not so different from today), cities will detect, analyze, and respond to what we need — and how, when, and where we get it. Shops will keep better stock of product styles and sizes we’re likely to seek, and public transit can be even more reactive to our changing travel patterns. (Think more subways when it’s about to rain, and bus routes that take us along more direct, popular routes at certain times of day.) Relevant, location-based info will be beamed straight to us — in the moment — so we’ll always have our finger on the city’s pulse. (FOMO no more!)

As a company committed to making city life as personalized, forward-thinking, and convenient as possible, we can’t wait for these developments to take root…and to be a part of them.