Zipcar couple unpacking trunk
June 3, 2019

5 Ways to Take Control of that Wedding Weekend—Go from Guest to Explorer

1. Choose your own hotel

Staying at the couple’s recommended hotel is convenient, but before booking search for nearby lodging with unique appeal. Use an independently curated search site like Mom and Pop Motels to survey the area for highly rated inns, bed & breakfasts and well-kept motels with kitsch appeal. Narrow your search to find spots close to either outdoor activities or town centers for enjoyable hikes and walks.

hotel room


2. Get to know the group

If you’re a plus one to someone in the wedding party, have them introduce you to other friends before the weekend. Jump on a group text and suggest activities that are good for a group like paintball, hiking, or mini-golf. By the time you’re done you’ve turned strangers into friends even before the wedding starts!



3.  Make it a foodie adventure

A bit of planning ahead could result in the best breakfast sandwich you’ve ever had from a diner or mouthwatering gas station BBQ. Locals know the best spots, so start by asking hotel employees for recommendations including front desk, housekeeping and maintenance.  You’ve got the wheels, so getting to those spots only locals know (and can find) is easy!

bbq food


4. Bring portable entertainment

The wedding day has been fantastic and though the celebration is winding down, people don’t want the good vibes to stop. Keep the festive mood going by breaking out board games, decks of cards, a Nintendo Switch or a frisbee and invite guests to join in. Games like these are quick to learn and a great way to socialize when people may not know each other well.

board game


5. Book a late return

Give yourself some extra time and return your Zipcar later on Sunday or take Monday off for a mini-vacation. Plan activities for after the wedding and enjoy a nearby park, historical site or antique market. Or give into spontaneity, turn the GPS off, and be guided by what sights pique your interest along the road.

zipcar couple at door