women using the zipcar app on her smartphone
October 26, 2021

Benefits of Using the Zipcar Mobile App

The Zipcar car rental app makes it easier to take a trip than ever before. You can use the app to find a car, book a trip and manage your account. Download it in the App Store or on Google Play and see the benefits of the mobile app for yourself. Take a look below for more details.

Before Your Trip

Download the Zipcar app and book a round trip car ahead of time or right away.  Make sure to turn on location services to see cars that are available in your area. 

Once your trip is booked, you can use the app to see photos of your car's location, details of your trip, make changes or cancel your reservation. 

During Your Trip

The Zipcar app helps you unlock your car, report your car’s condition, and even lets you extend your trip all in a few taps. Here’s how:

  • Unlocking your Zipcar: Stand next to the Zipcar, open the app, and navigate to the “Drive” section to tap the “Unlock” button. Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your device, as it makes it easier to unlock without a cell signal or internet. Bring your Zipcard as a backup to unlock the car though, just in case.


  • Reporting Features: Zipcar's car rental app has helpful features that make your trip more enjoyable. For example, you can report the current condition or any issues you experience with the car, with the Zipcar app. And Zipcar representatives will respond to any of your requests as quickly as possible to make sure your trip is hassle-free.


  • Extending Your Trip: If you're running late or simply not ready to head back, you can use Zipcar's mobile app to extend your trip. If the car's available past your scheduled time, you'll be able to request an extension with the click of a button. 


  • Bonus Tip: Turn on push notifications for the Zipcar car-sharing app. These notifications will help you stay up-to-date on your trip's details. You'll get reminders and important info, like when it’s time to return the car and whether you're able to extend your trip. The app will use your phone's location services to direct you to the correct parking spot at the end of your trip, so turn on location services before returning the car.


Ending Your Trip

When you're finished with your trip, return your Zipcar to the same spot you got it from. For navigation assistance, check the Zipcar’s home location in the app. The app will use your phone's location services to direct you to the correct parking spot. 

Once you've parked the car, you can lock it using the Zipcar app and confirm that your trip is finished. After you’ve locked the car, you can click “End trip.”

Now that you've finished your trip, use the Zipcar app to rate and give feedback about your trip. This is your chance to rave about your experience or make suggestions if something could have been better. 

Start now

Using the Zipcar car rental app is the best way to make sure your driving experience is a great one. Visit Google Play or the App Store to download Zipcar to your Android or iPhone and make your trip experience even better.