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October 7, 2021

Midweek Adventures and Getaways Near You

It's the middle of the week and you've got the day off from work, school, and other commitments. If you're not one to sit at home all day, chances are you might find yourself pulling up a search engine and typing, "weekday getaways near me." If it's midweek getaways you're after, you've come to the right place.  

Below, we've gathered some of the best midweek getaway ideas to help you bring some excitement into your life. Take on one of these adventures on your next weekday off or skip the wait and head out for a fun activity after work. 


Be a Tourist in Your Own City or Nearby Town 

No matter what city you may live in, there can be plenty of attractions in-store for you to visit. Maybe there's a neighborhood in your city that you haven't explored, a landmark you haven't visited in a while, or a nature preserve or National Park you haven't taken time to appreciate. However, if you've seen all there is to see in your own city, consider taking a midweek trip to a nearby town and visit some roadside attractions along the way. If self-care is more your thing, consider treating yourself to a midweek spa day or attending a midweek yoga retreat. 


Weekday Getaway to Go Geocaching 

Geocaching is a great way to explore places you wouldn't normally go. This global treasure hunt game involves hiding and/or seeking out teeny tiny items — usually small toys, coins, or keychains — at specific GPS coordinates. To play, you can download the Geocaching app for your mobile phone, or use a handheld GPS and search for nearby caches on


Go Exploring at the Farmers' Market 

Farmers' Markets offer you an incredible opportunity to support local food producers and give back to your community. Purchasing food directly from the farmer also helps reduce your carbon footprint and promotes a cleaner, safer environment. Next time you're searching for a fun weekday date idea, head to your nearest farmer's market and pick up some fresh, local food. You can search for nearby farmer's markets in the National Farmer's Market Directory


Try New Food for a Midweek Treat 

Exotic foods, along with international (or domestic) delicacies, just might be the next best thing to kickstart your next culinary adventure. Look for restaurants in your area that serve foods you haven't tried before, whether it's something indulgent like Wagyu beef or something bold, such as southern fried frog legs or escargot. If you don't want to dine out, think of something you've never tried, pick up the ingredients, and try cooking it for yourself.  


Take a Midweek Trip to a Museum 

Odds are good that your online search for "weekday getaways near me" has generated a list that's rich in local museums and galleries — so why not pay them a visit? Choose one that piques your interest and book your tickets. There are plenty of benefits to visiting museums during the week, including smaller crowds, less background noise, and in some cases, lower admission. In fact, some museums offer free days during the week so you can visit without spending a dime. 

With these getaway ideas, you should have plenty of inspiration for your next weekday getaway date or solo outing. Plan a great adventure on your next day off and get to know your city or town a little bit better.