Student with Car Rental at College
August 26, 2022

Rent a Car For These Last-Minute Items for College

It's almost time to head back to school, and if you're moving back into your college dorm or moving into one for the first time, there's a good chance you're feeling a bit overwhelmed thinking of all the things you need to pack before you move. With Zipcar, which offers student car rentals at many college campuses throughout the U.S., it's a bit easier to book a car rental and pick up some of these common last-minute or forgotten items once you get to school, taking at least some of the stress out of moving to your college campus.  

Clothing Items 

Few things are as frustrating as trying to find a specific clothing item at college and realizing you left it at home. Whether you've forgotten flip flops, a swimsuit, or a jacket that's suitable for chilly winter weather, the good news is you can hop in a car and head to your local thrift store to up-cycle some new threads. In fact, if you're looking to pack light, you may even want to save on space in your suitcase by leaving bulkier clothing items at home and grabbing a Zipcar to search for replacements. 

Games and Entertainment 

Games and entertainment aren't something most people add to their college packing list, but playing board games or grabbing other entertainment options is a great way to get to know new roommates or others living in your dorm. Snagging a quick car rental at college is a good way to pop out in your free time and find some activities to help break the ice after you've moved in. 


It's best to purchase groceries and other essentials once you arrive on campus. It's usually best to discuss grocery arrangements, such as what you'll share, with roommates once you've both settled into your new dorm. Share a student car rental with your new roomie, or grab one on your own to pick up groceries every week. 

Loose Odds and Ends 

Smaller items, such as extension cords, picture-hanging strips, scissors, and tools, can be easily forgotten at home. Thankfully, a Zipcar car rental can easily get you to a nearby shop to pick up the items you need. If you have to get these last minute items, use your rental to visit local attractions and restaurants nearby.