Woman grabbing beach/picnic bag out of the back of her Zipcar
August 1, 2022

Travel Smart for the Summer

Thinking about planning a trip this summer to get away and enjoy the nice weather? If you've got an itch to get out of the city for a weekend or day trip this summer, make sure to prepare ahead of time so your adventure goes as smoothly as possible. 

Plan Out the Route You're Going to Take 

Once you've chosen your destination, look at the possible roads you can take and embrace your adventurous side by taking the path with the most interesting stops along the way.  

Look for antique shops, parks, museums, ice cream shops or any other attractions to stop at on the way. The more places you stop, the more memories you make. And you potentially avoid traffic by taking your time on back roads. 

Make a List of Some Additional Activities to Do 

Look into fun summer activities or events that you can participate in when you get to your destination. If you're into fishing or outdoor adventures, think about bringing a picnic to the beach or fishing at a nearby lake. If food and nightlife are more up your alley, look into the area's best restaurants. 

Having some idea of what you'll be doing when you get to your destination can save you a lot of time and hassle, leaving you with more time to enjoy yourself. 

Don't forget to make a fun playlist for your trip too. You can listen to it on the ride there and throughout your whole trip. 

Make a Packing List 

Whether you're heading out for a few hours or a couple days, it can help to make a packing list ahead of time. Start your list a few days beforehand so you've got lots of time to think about your travel plans and determine which items you might need to take along. 

While you're on the road, consider making environmentally-friendly choices wherever you can, such as bringing reusable water bottles instead of plastic or packing your snacks in reusable containers. 

If you end up forgetting something important, remember not to stress. Your Zipcar can easily get you to the nearest store to pick up any items you might have left behind. 

Capture the Moment 

Don't forget to capture the fun moments you experience during your summer trip.  

As you travel toward your destination, don't be afraid to go off the beaten path to capture photos of the sights you see along the way. Whether it's a stunning sunset, a panoramic ocean view, or an abandoned hotel along the side of the road, snap a photo so you can remember every moment of your summer adventure. Don't forget to take time to capture photos of the people you share it with, too.