Celebrating Memorial Day in Major Cities
May 24, 2023

How to Celebrate Memorial Day in These Major Cities

Memorial Day was officially recognized as an American holiday in 1971. Many companies give their employees the day off to celebrate, but what is Memorial Day? Originally known as Decoration Day, the holiday honors the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military.  

Many Americans spend the day attending parades, holding family picnics, or visiting cemeteries and memorials. If you're wondering when Memorial Day is, it's always observed on the last Monday of May. No matter what U.S. city you're in, you can celebrate the holiday and honor those who've served. 

Visit a Museum or National Park in Boston 

If you’re looking to dive into the history books this Memorial Day, hop in a Zipcar and head up to Boston to connect with the nation's rich history and beauty. The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum offers numerous exhibits and research collections on the Kennedy family and important U.S. events.  

Learn more about the American Revolution by visiting the Boston National Historical Park. You can take a tour of the Freedom Trail to visit the oldest parts of the city or explore the Charlestown Navy Yard to delve into U.S. Navy history.  

Take a Moment of Silence in Washington D.C. 

Each year, Washington D.C. holds the National Memorial Day Concert featuring musical performances, dramatic readings, and documentary footage spanning U.S. military history. Take a moment of silence by attending Salute to the Services, where all six military branches are honored by the federal government.  

Washington D.C. is also home to many historic monuments, including The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, a symbolic grave dedicated to deceased service members whose remains haven't been identified.  

Volunteer in Seattle 

Volunteering your time is always a thoughtful way to show others you care. Seattle offers several volunteer opportunities to spend time with local veterans living in residential homes and show your support. A few ways you can connect with veterans as a volunteer include: 

  • Helping with events or parties 

  • Being a bingo helper 

  • Reading to a resident 

  • Playing games or cards 

You can also create and send care packages to soldiers or veterans to show your appreciation.  

Donate to the Military in Chicago 

If you don't have time to volunteer or attend an event, you can still participate this Memorial Day by donating money, clothing, or household items to Vietnam Veterans of America. This national nonprofit was designed to serve the needs of all veterans and has a drop-off location right in Chicago. You can also arrange to have your donations picked up for free. 

Attend a Parade in New York City 

Almost every U.S. city has a Memorial Day Parade, and New York City is no exception. Brooklyn's 156th Memorial Day Parade features several special guests and spans across multiple blocks before ending with a wreath laying and 21-gun salute by the Veteran Corps of Artillery. It's a great way for the whole family to get out and celebrate the day.  

Now that you know how to celebrate Memorial Day in several cities, book a ride through the Zipcar app today, so you don't miss out on the festivities.