August 6, 2019

How to Maximize Your Summer

The start of August has us scratching our heads – have we done all we wanted to yet this summer? Whether it’s to surf an ocean wave, sink a putt on a par three or simply power down everything that requires a charge, it feels like time to make a wish list. To get some inspiration for how to maximize the remaining days of the season, we chatted with five Zipcar employees to see how they’ve recently been making the most of summer. 

Tip: Connect with Nature  

One of the reasons I love living in Boston is the accessibility to the great outdoors. I can be hiking at epic places in under two hours, but I live in a high rise building where parking is $250/month. Zipcar is my solution to get to the mountains on the weekends – there’s a car right on my block and its name is Geri. I love that we can pick up Geri before a rental office would even be open – so we can get to the trailhead early. I’ve already been in the White Mountains of New Hampshire three times this summer, most recently hiking the Presidential Traverse. 

–Kaitlin, Boston 



Tip: Unplug  

It was my friend Andrea’s birthday recently and none of my friends own a car. So we booked Honda Odyssey Funky Fresh, loaded it with a picnic, sunscreen and friends, and drove up to Six Flags. I unplugged so much that I forgot to take any pictures! It gets so hot at Six Flags in July that we spontaneously decided to go to a beach nearby and swim in Lake Michigan to cool off and relax. It felt like the definition of summer! 

– Alex, Chicago 



Tip: Connect with Friends & Family  

I recently became beach buddies with my Zipcar, Golf Giggling. We hit the road and travelled to a few different beaches around NYC.  Beach-hopping isn’t typically a thing, but when you have several friends and family members inviting you to their outings…it becomes something real when you feel bad for not showing up. In one Saturday, I hit three beaches along Long Island’s south shore – stopping along the way to help replenish the ice – Mom was thrilled! There was no way I could have done that much travelling in one day on public transportation.  

– Anthony, NYC 

sunset zipcar


Tip: Experience Your City 

Summer is a popular time for my extended friends and family to plan a visit to San Francisco. There’s so much to see, one of my favorite things to do is drive around to get views of the city from every angle. Last month, my friend Jen visited for a weekend so I reserved a bright red Civic “Fortress” and we went on a city adventure. First, we grabbed breakfast at this new spot, Toast, which has a view of Alcatraz and Jen got a first glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge at Twin Peaks. Then we drove to Lands End to look out over the Pacific Ocean and go on a mini hike on the Coastal Trail.  Of course, we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge to take in all its red glory and grabbed an afternoon coffee in Sausalito. It was the perfect spot to relax while looking back at the Bay Area from across the bridge. To cap off our day, we headed back to Lombard Street, the curviest street in the world. I had never driven down it before, so having a friend in town was a great excuse to do this – and some other – touristy things!  

– Ashley, San Francisco

lands end san francisco


Tip: Capitalize on Summer Fridays  

When things are quiet in the office on Fridays and most people are heading to the Cape for a beach weekend, I like to take advantage and play golf. Last Friday I booked the Civic “Froyo” which is parked right outside the Zipcar office in the Seaport. I brought my clubs to work, stored them in the trunk, and headed straight to the Granite Links golf course at the end of the day – even beat the rush hour traffic. Before using Zipcar I would find myself feeling trapped in the city, but now I have the freedom to do anything I choose – like book a 4pm Friday tee-time! 

– Jordan, Boston