May 30, 2018

The Perfect Spotify Playlist For Any Road Trip

A great playlist can be hard to find, and even more daunting to compile–especially when you have a long road trip ahead. That’s why we carefully tailored a whole collection of playlists you can throw on, for any road trip type you have planned. Crank up the volume and enjoy the drive!

Lovers Edition

Whether it’s your first date, you’ve been together for a lifetime, or you just love getting in a romantic state of mind, this Lovers Edition playlist is bound to get your heart thumping.

Classics Edition

Take a trip down memory lane—while heading towards new memories in the making—with this singalong-ready collection of classic jams.  

Beach Edition

Getting out of the city is a breeze when you zip there. Make sure your trip to the beach is as sunny as can be with this summery playlist. (Ocean air not included.)

Latest and Greatest

Want a guaranteed karaoke session on the road—and a chance to discover your new summer jam? Give today’s most popular hits a spin!

Cruise Control

No matter where you’re headedeven everyday errandsyour drive can be a chill part of your day. Just turn up this relaxing mix and let the music + motion soothe your mind.