Woman showing a gentleman the Zipcar app while standing next to silver Zipcar.
November 4, 2022

I Can’t Access My Zipcar, What Do I Do?

Our Tips for Reliable Access to Your Zipcar

We're all about convenience, so the last thing you want is to suddenly think you've lost access to your Zipcar. The thing is, technology, while awesome, isn’t flawless. So here are some helpful tips to get you back in your Zipcar on the rare occasion you think you may ever be locked out.  

Double-Check These 3 Basics 

If you’re having a hard time unlocking your Zipcar, don't panic. The few reasons why you don’t have access are usually a simple fix. 

Are you at the right Zipcar?  

We know. Simple, right? But our cars all have the same branding—and if there’s more than one Zipcar in the area, it's easy to try to unlock one that’s not yours. (Happens to the best of us.) 

Has your reservation expired? 

If you're at the right car and you still can't get in, check your Zipcar app and make sure you're within your reservation window. You won’t be able to access your vehicle before or after your reservation period.  

Did your trip extension go through? 

Trying to extend? Make sure you received a confirmation email from us for the new reservation time. If not, your booking may not have gone through, and you may not be able to access your car. 

For example, if your cell service is weak or your phone's battery dies while you’re trying to extend, your extension won’t go through. 

Turn Bluetooth on for More Reliable Access 

Ever connect headphones to your phone? Well, our Bluetooth vehicle technology connects your phone to a Zipcar the same way. And it lets you unlock and lock your car during your reservation window—whether you have cell service or not. Just make sure Bluetooth is enabled and locations services are on for the Zipcar app.  

You can also access your car using your Zipcard, which uses RFID technology. 

Still Need Help? 

We’re always working proactively to make sure you have the best experience on every trip. But, as with all tech, errors do happen from time to time. When problems creep up, rest assured our dedicated Member Services team is ready to help. 

If you still find yourself unable to access your Zipcar after going through the steps above, visit our support page before you do anything else. Often, you can easily solve an issue on your own. If that doesn't help, our support team is available 24/7 and ready to help you resolve any issues. Just give them a call at 866-4ZIPCAR. 

Across the country, Zipcars go on thousands of trips each day. And our community of over one million members relies on us for everything from errands to date night to weekend escapes. When a rare access issue arises, we know it’s disruptive to your plans, and we’re dedicated to working through them quickly.