March 5, 2015

Adventure Ahead: Explore 25 Cities By the Numbers [Infographic]

Itchin’ to get out of the house? We feel you. If you’re in need of fresh haunts in your current locale, or an adventure in someplace entirely new, we’ve got you covered. Literally. Zipcars can be found in each and every city below, so you can cross “get a ride” off the list, lickety-split.

If food’s your jam, find your feast in San Antonio, with modern twists on Mexican street fare—including some served ‘round the clock. Craving sun and stunning street art? Miami is waiting. If you want to hit up Hollywood, but without the tourist traps, our beginners’ guide to LA will get you set. And if warmth in general is at the top of your want list (who could blame ya?), we’ve got sunny getaways aplenty, no matter the season.

On the flipside, if the breezy outdoors are calling to you, Breckenridge, Colorado—just an hour-and-a-half drive from Denver—has mountains of active fun. When you want to make date night last a little longer, our romantic getaways from Monterey to the Berkshires will keep the love flowin’. Still need inspiration? The below infographic should do just the trick.

Before you bolt for your next adventure (we know, we’re excited, too), take a sec to stock up on essential on-the-go apps and scope out nifty travel items to make your trip all the easier. Handy bonus: We assembled an at-a-glance list of travel resources (peek below the infographic) for each place we explored by the numbers. So whether you’re headed near or far, you’re totally good. to. go.

For more travel information by city, please visit:

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