February 11, 2014

How to Enjoy the Miracle of Free Gas

Every time you get into a Zipcar with a full tank of fuel, you've got another member to thank. It means they took time out of their reservation to gas up their Zipcar (with us footing the bill, obv). Want to fuel it forward for the member after you? We've put together a quick video (less than 2 minutes) to show how to fill ‘er upfor free.

No time for a video? Speed-read the deets:

1. After you pull into a gas station, snag the gas card from above the driver’s visor (or from the doorjamb if you’re in the UK).

2. Swipe it at the pump like a credit card then enter your Zipcard number and the odometer reading so we have a record of the vehicle’s mileage.

3. If your Zipcard number is seven digits long, only enter the first six digits. Pro-tip: If you’re one of our long-term Zipsters with a short Zipcard number, add a few zeroes to the beginning to make it six digits long (e.g., Zipcard number 1234 becomes 001234).

4. Hit a snafu? To speed things up, just pay for the fuel yourself, grab a receipt, and we’ll reimburse you lickety-split.

Now enjoy (and remember to fuel it forward)!